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Umbra et Imago - "20" 12.11.2011

With „20“, German cult act UMBRA ET IMAGO not only present the audio-visual quintessence of their ongoing career, but also completely new and unreleased song material. “20” once again proves that this band is still full of creativity and surprising ideas, even after two decades. Since 1991, this exceptional act around extroverted singer MOZART shakes and stirs the landscape of Gothic Rock.

Being flashy and thoughtful at the same time, they have been polarising the audience from the start and won their fans by putting their hearts and minds in everything they did. Their daring stage shows soon became their hallmark, and saying that they established a fan base that is as loyal as can be is no exaggeration at all.

As a huge “Thank You” to their fans, the band has now decided to put out this brilliant DVD to celebrate the 20 years of their existence.

20” contains both anniversary shows that UMBRA ET IMAGO played on July 30th in Karlsruhe’s (Germany) Crystal Ballroom.

This sophisticated 2-DVD set (also coming as a LIMITED EDITION with two bonus audio CD’s and as SPECIAL DELUXE BOX ) features an acoustic set with a choice of thoughtful tracks (some of them performed live for the very first time) and a Rock set which can be seen as a recapitulation of newer material, hits and all-time favourites.

Both shows feature high-profile guest musicians and singers, such as Matthias Ambre (ex-ASP) or Eric Burton (Catastrophe Ballet). A full European tour in 2012 is currently in preparation.



Regular Edition: (2Dvds)

Limited Edition: (2 Dvds, 2 Cds *)

Deluxe Box:  (2 Dvds, 2 Cds *, laser engraved metal-pen in box,  lanyard with photo-printing , pocket mirror, key-ring , XXL-sticker, XXL-autograph-card)

DVD 1 (Acoustic Set)
1. Märchenlied
2. Jahr und Tag
3. Kleine Schwester
4. Mein Herz und meine Seele
5. You are Poison for me
6. Erotica
7. Der freie Geist
8. Vater
9. Ein letztes Mal
10. Wintertage

DVD 2 (Rock Set)
1. Intro
2. Liebeslied
3. Perfect Baby
4. House of the Rising Sun
5. Gebet Nr. 1
6. Ignoranz
7. Goth Music
8. Davon geht die Welt nicht unter
9. Ode an die Musik
10. Final Last Dream
11. Ohne dich
12. Sonntagsandacht
13. Alles schwarz
14. Amadeus
15. Depressionen

CD 1
1. Herzblut (Brand new Studio Track!)
2. Davon geht die Welt nicht unter
3. Agnos (Brand new Studio Track!)

CD 2 (live)
Acoustic Set:
1. Märchenlied
2. You are Poison for me
3. Erotica
4. Vater
5. Ein letztes Mal
6. Wintertage
Rock Set:
7. Liebeslied
8. Perfect Baby
9. House of the Rising Sun
10. Gebet Nr. 1
11. Ignoranz
12. Goth Music
13. Ode an die Musik

(CDs 1 & 2 included in Limited Edition and Deluxe Box  only!)

UMBRA ET IMAGO - Exclusive double-concert for the 20th anniversary! 28.02.2011

UMBRA ET IMAGO made up something very special to celebrate their 20th anniversary:

On July 30th, 2011, the band will give an exclusive double-concert including theatre, entertainment, classic and gothic in the Crystal Ballroom in Karlsruhe. The first concert will be an acoustic one with a string orchestra and will start at 4 pm in the hall provided with seats.

At 8 pm, the second concert will start, being a rock concert accompanied by strings in the accustomed ambience.

Two completely  different set lists with classical arranged songs of the whole band history will be prepared.

Both shows will be recorded on DVD and that's why the Crystal Ballroom had advisedly been chosen for these special events. The maximum amount of people who can enjoy each concert are 500 persons, which will guarantee the typical close contact and interaction of UMBRA ET IMAGO with the audience.

Tickets will go on sale 13.03. - HERE in the Umbra et Imago merchandise-shop!

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